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Crystal and Gemstone's
Hello everyone and welcome to 'Moon Goddess Treasures." My name is Cynthia Renee' Venecia and I am a wholesale member for 'Stonebridge Imports.' On this website I will be describing each crystal and gemstone I recieve and will explain to you each of their properties and all they can do for you. These stones have dramatically changed my life for the better and i'd llike to share my stories with all of you. I also have crystals and gesmtones for sale where I will post below. Please email me at if you are interested in any of my items and or visit any of my social media pages and message me for further details.
Thank you and enjoy!
The Bloodstone
The Stone of Blood
In this video I am giving a brief introduction about myself and why I named my business 'Moon Goddess Treasres." I am also explaining the properties of 'The Bloodstone' and why I choose to work with this stone first. Click on my YouTube link above to check out more videos.
  1. Gem Bottles
    Gem Bottles
    Gem bottles available for $21 each with 9 stones in each including Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine and The Bloodstone.
  2. Rose Quartz
    Rose Quartz
    Rose Quartz necklace available for sale for $21 with a '16 chain included.
  3. Green Aventurine
    Green Aventurine
    Green Aventurine necklace available for $20 with a '16 chain included.
  4. Blood Aventurine
    Blood Aventurine
    A mixture of The Bloodstone and The Green Aventurine available for $22 with a '16 chain included.
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